I am registered with the London Assay Office for hallmarking my pieces. It is a legal requirement to hallmark sterling silver that weighs over 7.78g and gold that weighs over 1g. This involves paying for and sending the finished jewellery or the base metal to the Assay Office to be tested, stamped and returned to me. Pieces will also be stamped with my Sponsor's Mark (JLI) which is unique to me - pretty cool, huh?

At the moment none of my pieces are heavy enough to legally require hallmarking, however, I am working on a new bangle range which will!

Did you know that the 925 stamp alone does not legally mark a piece as sterling silver? Unfortunately, this stamp can be applied by anyone, to any piece of jewellery. You need to look for the assay mark as depicted below to guarantee the metal.

If you would like my hallmark adding to a piece that is under the legal 7.78g weight limit, drop me a message and we can talk about pricing.