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There's nothing worse than being suuuuper excited about a new piece of jewellery, only to discover it doesn't fit when it arrives. Our size guides take the guesswork out of finding the right sizes, so you can order with confidence.

free re-usable ring sizers*

inclusive ring sizes a-z+4

customise your bracelet lengths

upgrade your chain lengths


All Jordan Lily rings are made to UK alphabet sizes. If you're unsure on your size, I strongly recommend using one of my ring sizers.

My reusable ring sizers cost £2 with FREE Uk postage and come with a £2 voucher redeemable against your next ring purchase with me.


As all rings are made to order in the size supplied at checkout, there is a small fee to re-size any of my rings if you have not used a ring sizer. You can find my full ring re-sizing policy here.

Top Measuring Tips

  • Your ring size might change over the course of a day. Fingers swell and (un)swell at different points in the day, usually because of temperature. This shouldn't affect your ring size too much, but the degree of swelling can vary from person to person. So it may be worth checking your size at a few points during the day.
  • If you're likely to see me in person, at a fair or out and about, I always have one of my plastic ring-sizers on me! I'm always happy to help with ring-sizing.
  • If you know your American ring size and are looking for a conversion to a UK alphabet letter, I strongly advise using one of my plastic ring sizers. Conversion charts for this can vary so much, I'm yet to find one that I'm 100% confident in! 


Wide Band Rings

If you're looking at a ring with a thick band, like my chunky rings or 5 of my stacking skinny rings together, it's important to make sure you measure your finger across where the band will sit. Fingers come in all shapes and sizes, for some a measurement at the base of the finger is the same just before the knuckle. But for me, the base of my finger is waisted from regular ring-wearing, so to wear a chunky band I have to size up. Definitely worth checking!

Midi Rings

Midi rings can also be measured with my plastic ring sizers as they also include the smaller midi sizer, so long as you're measuring where you want the ring to sit, you're good to go!
As a general rule-of-thumb, midi rings are usually 10-12 alphabet sizes smaller. E.g. I wear a size P on my ring finger; a Medium (size E) midi-ring fits perfectly. 

3 Ways to Find Your Ring Size

3 Ways to Find Your Ring Size

Don't know your ring size? Fear not, I'm here to help! So it turns out, not everybody is a compulsive ring-buyer like me... ahem! But don't worry, I have 3...

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My bracelets are available in three standard sizes:

Finished length Approx. cm
Children's 6 inches 15cm
Women's 7 inches 18cm
Men's 8 inches 20cm

To check your size, measure around your wrist where the bracelet would sit, adding a little wriggle room for a comfortable fit. We're all made differently and we can usually accommodate custom sizes to get the perfect fit! Simply provide your measurement in the notes at checkout.



My bangles are available in three standard sizes:

Diameter To Fit Circumference:
Small 6cm 18-19cm
Medium 6.5cm 20-21cm
Large 7cm 21-22cm

A Medium size should fit most women, however there is the option to size up or down to suit your frame. These sizes refer to the internal diameter of the bangles, with estimated circumferences. Unlike bracelets, my bangles don't open and close with a clasp, so the bangle must fit over the largest part of your hand. You can measure this as illustrated in the photo below - it may help to have an extra pair of hands!

All of my anklets have a degree of flexibility in their sizing:
  • My beaded anklet designs measure 9" which is standard for anklets, but their elasticated design allows for slight size differences.
  • My chain anklets come with an adjustable extender chain as standard, catering for measurements between 8-10" approx.

To measure for an anklet, you'll want to use a tape measure around your ankle where you'd like the anklet to sit, and add a little extra for wiggle room!


My Chain Options:

Most of my necklaces come with either a 16" or an 18" chain. You can swap the length of any necklace by also adding the Chain Upgrade to your order. 16" and 18" can be swapped free of charge, there is a small £3 fee to upgrade to 20" or 24".

Women's Sizing:

Women's necklaces are usually sold in even numbers of inches, 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24". Whilst this guide, and this information page, provides a helpful point of reference this will differ slightly from person to person. 16" is considered a standard comfortable length for women, however I find an 18" a more comfortable fit. This may also be true for other plus-sized ladies.
  • A 14" chain will fit like a choker, wrapping closely around the neck.
  • A 16" chain will sit around the base of the neck, on a petite woman it may hang loosely sitting like a collar on the collarbone. However, on a plus size woman it may sit more like a choker. My charm necklaces come on a 16" chain.
  • An 18" necklace is a popular choice, for women it will sit at the collarbone. My Custom Bar Necklaces, Bee Hexagon Necklaces and Open Heart Necklaces come on an 18" chain.
  • A 20" necklace adds a little bit of extra movement, sitting bellow the collarbone. This is a great choice if you wear v-necks.
  • A 22" chain will sit just above the bust.
  • A 24" chain will sit on the bust (for most). A popular choice for larger statement necklaces, like my Pebbles and Large Stars, I like to wear these with chunky knits and summer jumpsuits.

Men's Sizing:

For men, the most common size is 20". An 18" will sit at the base of the neck, a 20" chain will just reach the collarbone and a 22" chain will sit at the collarbone.