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Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is stamped with the number 925 by hallmarking offices, this is because 92.5% of the metal is silver. The remaining 7.5% is made up of other cheaper metals, usually copper, but sometimes it could be zinc or nickel. The inclusion of these other metals mean the metal is stronger, and therefore suitable for jewellery. However, it also means that it tarnishes quicker than pure silver, and can affect people with metal sensitivities. Have a look at my page on jewellery care to help with cleaning silver.

Surgical Steel

I offer the option to create my earrings with surgical steel, both studs and earrings with hook wires. However, the earrings themselves and any solder will be made from sterling silver. I also offer surgical steel necklace chains to replace the sterling silver.

**Please note that Jordan Lily Designs takes no responsibility for allergic reactions, it is at the customer's discretion to decide if surgical steel earring posts/hooks/chains are a suitable substitution.