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My Chain Options:

Most of my necklaces come with either a 16" or an 18" chain. You can swap the length of any necklace by also adding the Chain Upgrade to your order. 16" and 18" can be swapped free of charge, there is a small £3 fee to upgrade to 20" or 24".

Women's Sizing:

Women's necklaces are usually sold in even numbers of inches, 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24". Whilst this guide, and this information page, provides a helpful point of reference this will differ slightly from person to person. 16" is considered a standard comfortable length for women, however I find an 18" a more comfortable fit. This may also be true for other plus-sized ladies.
  • A 14" chain will fit like a choker, wrapping closely around the neck.
  • A 16" chain will sit around the base of the neck, on a petite woman it may hang loosely sitting like a collar on the collarbone. However, on a plus size woman it may sit more like a choker. My charm necklaces come on a 16" chain.
  • An 18" necklace is a popular choice, for women it will sit at the collarbone. My Custom Bar Necklaces, Bee Hexagon Necklaces and Open Heart Necklaces come on an 18" chain.
  • A 20" necklace adds a little bit of extra movement, sitting bellow the collarbone. This is a great choice if you wear v-necks.
  • A 22" chain will sit just above the bust.
  • A 24" chain will sit on the bust (for most). A popular choice for larger statement necklaces, like my Pebbles and Large Stars, I like to wear these with chunky knits and summer jumpsuits.

Men's Sizing:

For men, the most common size is 20". An 18" will sit at the base of the neck, a 20" chain will just reach the collarbone and a 22" chain will sit at the collarbone.