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3 Reasons We Love Personalised Jewellery (and Creative Ideas for Gifting!)

3 Reasons We Love Personalised Jewellery (and Creative Ideas for Gifting!)


Choosing a piece of jewellery for yourself or someone you care about is such a lovely thing to do, but did you know you can also add a personalised touch? Here’s why we love adding personalisation to jewellery (and if you’re stuck for ideas, keep reading – we’ve got a range of suggestions to inspire you.)


Personalisation creates the perfect gift

Jewellery makes a beautiful present just as it is, but personalising it adds a whole extra level of thoughtfulness. It celebrates what’s really significant in your person’s life and shows how well you know them, through and through – so, the more individual it is, the better!

(And if you fancy a little gift for yourself as well, you could go for two matching pieces to celebrate your relationship: one for them and one for you. Win win! They could be completely identical, or have complementary messages.)


Personalised jewellery carries personal meaning 

Personalised jewellery is a way of keeping something important with us as we go about our day, literally next to our skin. It might be a precious memory of someone you love, or an affirmation you want to live by. Maybe it’s spiritually meaningful, like a little cross or a Bible verse as an expression of Christian faith. Or it could be something tiny that just makes you smile… whatever matters to you, no occasion necessary.


Personalisation makes your jewellery piece unique

Personalising adds a little bit of bespoke luxury; you’ll be commissioning something that no one else has. Choosing handmade jewellery from small businesses like Jordan Lily Designs is a great way of finding unique and different designs, but if you add some personalisation then you’ll definitely be the only person rocking that particular piece!


Personalised jewellery ideas

If you’d love to personalise a piece of jewellery, but you’re not sure exactly what to choose, here are our ideas for meaningful words and messages…


Names or initials

Alphabet jewellery is timeless and classic, and a subtle way to add a personal touch.

  • first name initial
  • monogram
  • initial of each member of the family

Take a look at our Initial Star Necklaces and Initial Disc Beaded Bracelets.


Important dates

Dates are perfect for romantic presents (celebrating when you met, or got married) and lovely for new parents to celebrate their baby’s birth.

  • the date you met
  • engagement or wedding anniversary
  • new baby’s birth date
  • special family birthdays

Check out our Mini Date Bar Necklace or Date Disc Necklace to celebrate your special day.


Meaningful locations

Personalise with a place name, or be even more precise and look up the co-ordinates for the exact spot – only you’ll know exactly where they refer to.

  • your home town or country
  • the place you met your best friend or partner
  • a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination
  • where you proposed

These are the perfect way to personalise my Custom Stamped Rings or Custom Bar Necklaces.


Nicknames and cheeky messages

Jewellery doesn’t always have to be serious and significant – you can be playful and have fun with it! 

  • a cheeky nickname
  • a funny memory or in-joke you share
  • a silly message e.g. throw glitter in today’s face!


Encouraging words 

Wearing jewellery means we can carry around a little reminder to encourage us throughout the day. Perhaps there’s a word or phrase that’s really important to you?  

  • strength
  • flourish
  • you are loved
  • just do the next right thing
  • grace for today

And if you want to keep it under wraps, our Secret Message rings are perfect for adding words for only you to see (or the person you’re gifting it to.)


Favourite Bible verses

Christian jewellery doesn’t have to be limited to a cross – have a favourite Bible verse or phrase stamped on your jewellery instead.

  • A short verse e.g. ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation’
  • A Biblical phrase e.g. saved by grace, with you always
  • The verse reference e.g. Romans 8, Jeremiah 29:11

Add a reference to my Bible Verse Necklace or Bible Verse Cufflinks!


Special occasions

If you’re gifting a piece of jewellery for a milestone event, honour the celebration.

  • To Georgie on your Graduation, love Mum & Dad
  • Celebrating your Baptism 
  • With all my love on our 10th wedding anniversary


Quotes from favourite songs, books or movies

Is there a quote that sends shivers up your spine? There could be a film that your person’s rewatched over and over, or a song they’re always listening to.

  • After all this time? Always. (Harry Potter)
  • As you wish (The Princess Bride)
  • It’s a love story, baby just say yes (Taylor Swift)
  • Winter is coming (Game of Thrones)
  • The ocean chose me for a reason (Moana)

If you're opting for a longer quote or special message, my NEW Side-Stamped Oval Bangles are the perfect option!


There are probably thousands more ways that you could personalise a piece of jewellery – hopefully we’ve got the creative ideas flowing!


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