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Celebrating 3 Years of Jordan Lily

Celebrating 3 Years of Jordan Lily


I'm delighted to be celebrating Jordan Lily's 3rd Business Birthday today - especially in such a continuingly weird set of circumstances! From adapting to the lockdown booms in business to the tumbleweeds when the hughstreet re-opened, it's felt like a rollercoaster!

You know I am SO grateful to each and every one of you, no matter your level of support. Whether your a frequent customer, IG pal or business cheerleader, you don't go unnoticed 💕

In the meantime, we're taking a little trip down memory lane as I look back my favourite things about the last year at Jordan Lily HQ 👇

1. Virtual Craft Fair

My Christian Christmas Craft Fair went virtual last year and we had such a great time connecting with makers across the country! It'll also be held again virtually this year - you can find more information here. Facebook Event // Instagram Page.

2. Making My Mark

This year saw my first hallmarked pieces being sold! Firstly for custom orders, and now with my bangle collection too. The JLI on the left is my 'makers mark' which is unique to me! Find out more about hallmarking here.

3. Going for Gold!

I'm getting stuck into the first term of my Diploma in Fine Jewellery which I started this year. I'm so excited to be learning new techniques and working with new materials to bring to you! Follow my journey on Instagram.

4. Boobs!

This year I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Chloe from @FullerBustInspo on our fantastic Boob Necklace! It has been so much fun, and shines a light on all things body positivity. Read about the full journey on my blog here..

5. Something New

Something completely new for me this year was launching my Chain Collection with this gorgeous foiled print designed by Sarah Nolloth. I really enjoyed putting it together and adding something extra special to the collection.

6. Juicy Gemstones

Out of all of my new launches this year, this one has to be my favourite - because it was such a long time in the making. I love how these beautiful Gemstone Necklaces turned out!


What a year! And there's still some exciting developments that I can't yet share with you 😅 Thanks for being here for the journey!

Much love,

Jordan X 

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