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Introducing the Gemstone Collection

Introducing the Gemstone Collection

I am so excited to finally be sharing with you my new Gemstone Rings collection! 🎉 It has taken FAR longer than I expected to get everything ship-shape and ready to launch, but we got there eventually!

It is one of my mini business goals this year to be more on it with my product launches. I suffer from having a whizzy brain full of ideas, and a very slow process for making them a reality! In fact, my prototype Gemstone ring, my very own Blue Onyx beauty was a firm favourite in my jewellery collection last summer 👀😅 I kid you not!

This lovely collection of Gemstone rings are an extension to my popular Gemstone studs. They make such a lovely, special gift that will be treasured for years to come! I made these prototypes with people in mind! The Amethyst ring fits my Mum and the Aventurine fits my Gran (ideal with Mother's Day coming up in the U.K.)

These beautiful Gemstones are so unique and different in themselves, from Amber and Red Abalone to Mother of Pearl and Onyx - you'll find something for everyone! If you're stuck on chasing, I've also launched my Gemstone quiz on my FB Messenger which can be found 👉 here! It's 100% scientific and will match you up with your perfect match!

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