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The Boob Necklace (and Why Conversations about Body Positivity are Still Needed)

The Boob Necklace (and Why Conversations about Body Positivity are Still Needed)

This weeks marks our Boob Necklace's first birthday, I can't quite believe it's been a whole year since Chloe and I joined forces to design the beautiful sterling silver Boob Necklace. A year later, I'm so pleased to officially announce that our Boobie Necklace is going to be stocked by Bravissimo! Jordan Lily is hitting the high street 🥳

It's got me thinking about the inspiration behind, and the continuing significance of this project...


The Boob Necklace & Body Positivity

If you’re in your twenties or thirties, you probably grew up seeing a very limited ideal of how a beautiful body should look, on the front of magazines, or on TV. Even though body positivity is a movement that has roots as far back as the 1960s, it’s maybe only in the last decade that we’re starting to see fairer representation of different body types, and big brands really being challenged to take inclusivity seriously.


Jordan Lily Designs Collaboration with Fuller Bust Inspo

A positive outcome of social media platforms is that people can come together as online communities, finding others with similar stories and knowing that we’re not alone! The Fuller Bust Community was created by Chloe on Instagram in 2019, as a safe space that celebrates bigger boobs and also offers really practical advice (from bra reviews and fitting tips, to swimwear, sportswear and more). 

‘’Sometimes you feel alone, like your big boobs are different and there’s no one out there who feels the same, but you’re never alone. I found people online of all boob sizes who I could relate to! Bringing a community of people together with one thing in common (our big boobs!) to support and empower each other is something I’m so proud and happy to be a part of. It helps me to build my confidence and is a daily reminder that all boobs are good boobs’’ Chloe - Fuller Bust Inspo


Creating the Boob Necklace

In September 2020, Chloe got in touch with me about collaborating on a boob-based jewellery project. Anything that helps us all to appreciate our bodies with a little more positivity is a good thing in my eyes! We focused on creating a simple design, but also wanted it to be quirky and fun, and this is what we came up with.

Because every necklace is formed by hand, one of the lovely things about it is that each one will have a slightly different, unique shape – just like real-life boobs.

At every stage, the necklace follows through on our ethical values too: it’s made from recycled eco-silver, and we don’t use plastic in the packaging. Even the backing card is fun and uplifting – the caption says “You’re The Tits!”

We’ve had two sell-out launches (and there’s still a little bit from our third launch in stock – you can get yours here) so it seems to be resonating with people. I’m sending a big hello wave to each of you out there wearing your heart on your sleeve (well, your Boob Necklace over your boobs!)


Let’s keep talking about Body Positivity

It could be easy to think this is all sorting itself out now, with the beauty culture changing, and celebrities, influencers, and instagrammers like Chloe speaking up. But ‘body positivity’ can get used as yet another exclusive, narrow label – we tend to think of models that are curvy, white, and traditionally beautiful. That means there’s still a lack of representation and acceptance for whole groups of people. Real body positivity focuses on empowering and celebrating all bodies, regardless of gender, weight, race, age, disability, shape and size… we’re definitely not there yet!

And younger people are facing even more challenges. Although online platforms can help bring us together, the dark flip side is that we’re often seeing less celebration of real, imperfect humans, and more curated and altered images. For people who are teenagers right now, analysing their own bodies against the noisy backdrop of social media, the ideal might actually be getting less achievable than ever. They’re so used to seeing everything heavily edited and filtered, it makes healthy, normal bodies start to seem a bit… wrong.

That’s why we need to keep having these conversations, from all sorts of angles! It’s not limited to fashion influencers and clothing brands. Just as the Boob Necklace is a little contribution and conversation starter from a jewellery perspective, there are so many ways for different creative fields to add their take on it. And, as customers, we can all keep reminding brands how much this matters. Body positivity isn’t just something nice to aim towards – it’s crucial.

Find the Fuller Bust Community on Instagram @fullerbustinspo (and here are a few more body-positive instagrammers we recommend checking out too):

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